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Our laboratory is fully equipped for the study and creation of specialty coffees from different origins.

We make cup profiles

Our tasters will evaluate your coffee.

To carry out a technical sheet, you only need to bring a sample of 1 kg of dry parchment coffee. Our tasters will evaluate the sample and we will give you a technical file with the results of the physical analysis, the results of the defects analysis, the results of the cupping session with its respective SCA score (0 to 100) and the taster’s notes. Finally, we will give you some recommendations that you can apply to your processes to improve the quality of the sample and the quality of you harvest.

Design of roasting curve

We create a specific and unique roasting curve for your coffee.

In this service we will have 4 sessions with you in which you will be able to see first hand and participate in the creation of your own roasting curve. There will be 2 roasting sessions and 2 cupping sessions in which the objective is to align the roasting parameters with the expected quality of the product and the client’s commercial objectives. We will give you a cup profile, a curve for roasting your coffee in drum machines and a curve for convection machines.


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