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We are a coffee thresher and roaster focused on the creation and production of specialty coffees from different origins.

We turn our knowledge and experience into services.

Always looking for the development of the Colombian coffee sector.

We thresh, roast, grind and pack your coffee.
We advise you on certifications and stamps for your coffee brand.
We protect you under our INVIMA health registry.
We offer you our fully equipped laboratory for cupping and curve design.
We support your logistics in exporting processes.

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Our experience


We have a multidisciplinary knowledge (academic and practical) on the coffee product that covers the entire production cycle: biological, agronomic, technological, productive and economic aspects.


We have cutting edge equipment and software, both national and international, which allows us to control processes and get data and innovative ideas.


Over the years we have learned about business around coffee, we have contacts, we have seen and experienced many things. We are sure that you can build businesses around coffee and we know how to do it.


We really love what we do, we enjoy our work, we are in love with coffee, we are in love with coffee growers and we have many dreams of progress around the Colombian countryside.



Tons of coffee per month


Years of experience


Active clients


Team members

  • “Since I met their comprehensive service as coffee processors, I was very interested. Their knowledge in the area, the technology they use and the training they give guarantee any entrepreneur a the better result with their coffee ”
    — Hugo Hernandez, «Café del Píngaro».
  • “I have known Tritocafé since its founding days, they are distinguished for teaching the coffee grower to value their product and they have focused on providing an excellent and warm service. They take care of my coffee, they helped me found my roasting curve and gave me courses to learn about the bean ”
    — Fabio Villamil, 6-11 Coffee.
  • "All coffee processing facilities in the country are obliged to comply with INVIMA's requirements and each one must be responsible in its processes, but trust and honesty is something that is not required in any manual and it is what we receive from Tritocafé. This is priceless but it makes a difference. ”
    — Liliana Palma, Onestta Group / Montié Coffee
  • ”Para café Valeriano's ha sido fundamental el acompañamiento en cada una de las etapas del proceso. No solamente son trilladora y tostadora, son amantes y respetuosos del café, su experiencia y conocimiento siempre han estado a disposición de nuestra marca. Su servicio se resume en: seriedad, cumplimiento y trabajo honrado. Por siempre gracias.“
    — Valeriano’s Coffee
  • ”For Valeriano's coffee, accompaniment at each stage of the process has been essential. They are not only roasters, they are coffee lovers. I admire how respectful of coffee they are, their experience and knowledge have always been available to our brand. Their service is summarized in: seriousness, fulfillment and honest work. Thank you forever“
    — Eduardo Valeriano Parra, Café Valeriano’s

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